I was sleeping like a baby last night and eventually missed my son’s sports day today. sigh.

Just could not open my eyes. I told him to go first to school on his school van and I will join him later bit at his school. But both me and hubby only awaken and jumped out from the bed like at 10.30 am!!! And my son’s sports day supposedly to finish at about the same time. Arghh..!!!!!!

Now I dont know what to say to my son when I actually see him in the evening.  I guess, I only have my sincerest apology to tender…

But I felt terrible for myself and him of course…

3 Replies to “Zzzzzzzzz….”

  1. ahahahha .. omg
    dont worry the boy would just think like .. maybe my parents worked so hard . and needed the rest .. extra supper rest …
    hope ur boy dont get too mad .. hopefully ..
    but believe me , when i was younger i dint bother whether my parents were there or not .. hehehhe
    take care darlin


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