Tippi, The Tea Pot : Coming Near You Very Soon


Its a “MUST” see 🙂 and you will so love this piece. Trust me.  So cute, I tell you…

Not everyday in my life at least, that I meet brilliant human being.  And I must admit that this piece of animation trailer which is scheduled to be released sometime middle of this year, InsyaAllah are from these set of  people with sauteed  ‘ gila-gila’  views towards their cartoon life. I must say, life is so tough that we just need to be able to laugh at ourselves at times.

One of the important person behind this piece is a wonderful friend of mine.

Enjoy this one peeps.

I have watched this like zillion times, and its all yours now 🙂 

And watch out for the actual release date of this cartoon soon.

Tippi Trailer 2007/08

9 Replies to “Tippi, The Tea Pot : Coming Near You Very Soon”

  1. Hi sis!
    Indeed a very brilliant piece of work! Its very educational for both kids & adults…personally, I enjoyed myself – can’t wait for the release!
    Do keep me update, yah..


  2. Hey there sis..
    Hope you and family in well. Amin.
    As for this trailer
    It will be an amazing masterpiece
    And I will surely keep you posted
    Heard its going accross to Singapore as well
    Take care


  3. it feels great to be able to entertain kids
    priceless experience
    do wait for the doa harian to come up also
    i want to push for ramadhan
    (thanks for the help darling)


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