Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (continuation)


  • Men need to listen patiently and not passively  VERSUS  Women need to ask in loving way
  • Men feel, ACT, then think versus Women feel, TALK then think 🙂
  • When a man becomes angry, he needs to go to his ” ‘cave”  to cool off  VERSUS  When a woman becomes overwhelmed, she retreats to her “well” to recharge.
  • Tell him in a playful way that you appreciate it when he listens VERSUS she feels comforted when she is not alone in solving life’s problems. – ( I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS ONE, HMMM).
  • Once a man experiences a woman’s appreciation, his resistance to doing more melts away  VERSUS  Doing more so that she will have to do less is not the answer to making her happy. (ERR  FURTHER MY CONFUSION). Hahahaha.

On my personal note, obviously both gender will behave and think differently till the end of this life. Full stop.

Bertolak ansur is perhaps the word eh.

Have a good day ahead people.

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