I Wonder

I am 38 this year (few more months due).

I was talking to a friend late last night. Jokingly I asked, “In less then 3 years, we will be 40, how exactly are we going to say that eh, I mean when some actually might ask, how old are we?”.

We both ended looking at each other and smiled. Hmmm..

Then, I cant help thinking about it since 😀

I have these photos taken recently of me and my second sister. As I was growing up, infact till now, many kekawan and sedara mara said, we both looked very much alike. Well, sometimes, I must admit I did see some resemblance in me and her.

Since it has been inside my head for quite awhile now, I am posting the gambar here.  Have a good look my friends, and tell me what you guys think eh.

Sori no hadiah tho… Kuang3x.


My sis is 51 this year. In less then 15 years, am I going to look like her?  Oops… 😀

But most importantly, my motto in life (ahaks) , “There is no youth in age” – go hani go !!


4 Replies to “I Wonder”

  1. It does not really matter how we all are going to grow old dearie. But I am sure, you will be growing old gracefully and beautifully. Please take care.


  2. there is a slight resemblence ..
    and hani you aint have to worry bout ageing
    you got the young looks .
    When i met you that time , when u picked the cupcakes .
    I though you were only 30 years old …
    so hani … 40 would surprise people when you tell them .


  3. (feeling shy)
    Thank you for the lovely words guys
    and to my dearest Umar, the cupcakes were lovely
    The cupcakes are still under renovation?


  4. unfortunatly yeah ..
    i have to like concentrate on my exams . so i cant be commited to it till than
    also i am going to improve on my recipe and icing
    i do agree its a bit too sweet ..
    also to improve the site , to be more informative and user friendly ..
    check it out soon in february


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