Bora Asmara

Were here during lunch today with boss and a colleague.

First impression? I love the way this place is called 😀

Whereabout? After getting ourselves lost for almost 45 minutes, we located this place in Kampung Sg Penchala. Passed One U and Ikea.. that side. erks.

Collection of food not too bad with reasonable price for Indonesian, both local and western dishes.  Personally, the food is moderately just ‘a’ okay for me. Not to be boasted and not too bad neither.

Concept? Full 100 % Bali, from the Balinese gargoyle stone lamps to Bali thached roofs, not to mention the scarry Balinese music and all.

Ooookayyy lah this place if you guys are like boring giler tak tau nak buat apa kat umah 😛

For sharing purposes, have a look at some photos that I snapped.

pict0032-small.jpg pict0028-small.jpg pict0002-small.jpgpict0004-small.jpg

pict0010-small.jpg  errr thats my boss 🙂


so sherry darling, what do you think of this place for our ‘due’ reunion?…

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