My Potty-Trained Boy !


These many favourite faces of mine, belongs to my boy, Razin.

On Jan 1, 2008 – I got up from my sleep and decided to potty-train him. I said to myself then, today is the day !. He should be off from his pampers sooner than I would have imagined, so I thought.

Err what is potty-train? Hmm… in short – no more small business (pee pee) and big business (poo poo) with his pampers on. Pampers has becoming unnessarily expensive nowadays and since my boy is so keletah talking already, I am pretty sure he is quite ready for this ‘major’ leap in his life.

It was quite time-taxing for me and his bibik at the beginning but anyway, proudly today, 14 January 2008 – at about two weeks of training : soft-talking, harsh-talking, cubit-ting, and scolding 😀 he is potty-trained !! Bravo darling. Muahs. And just for record purposes, he will turn 3 this 12 July.

We were away yesterday for a short outing at some swimming pool and guess what, he refused to do his ‘business’ neither in the pool nor in his swimming trunk. He made his point to pee pee outside the pool and for me to pull down his trunk !

Then, I realized, he is now ready and proudly telling the world that he is my ‘big’ boy now and its time to say adios to pampers !

I am feeling so ‘kembang’ for him.

3 Replies to “My Potty-Trained Boy !”

  1. kak lang,no pic of dis ‘big’ boy playin wif ur lipsticks?! hehe.
    he’s such a chicky boy but yet so manja n soft-hearted boy.
    Congrats razin!!

    p/s: tq for droppin by at my ‘place’..ahaks’,malu i u!


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