I’m So Proud

Oneself could never describe how it exactly feels when the feeling of ‘proud’ all around us, couldn’t we?

We feel so ‘tall’ and ‘kembang’?  What is that now in english? EXPAND ?? hehe

But anyway, I once posted in short about this secondary friend of mine, Khoja who eventually got herself registered for this Master in Science – Science and Technology Policy Study in University Malaya.  Now how do I expressed my ‘proud’ feeling for her. Its her who is into master and stuff and I am the one who is feeling tall and kembang?? Ha ha ha 😀

But really, more on a serious note, I am indeed so so proud of her. I spent half of my day with her yesterday over some shopping for her new apartment needy stuff and series of coffee sessions 🙂 and ended up meeting with one more buddy of ours, Fyrose in Subang Jaya for dinner. We actually ‘kidnapped’ her for awhile from her ‘office a.k.a home’. She and her better half owns their own company and doing very very well. She was busy yesterday doing some account thing for the coming audit (something like that??) – now again, I felt tall and ‘kembang’ for her.

Anyway, Khoja eventually brought some of my ‘legendary’ secondary school photos. I will DEFINITELY post some of  the photos here next week (look out for it eh) !! And oh my God people, most of my 5 Science 1 classmates in SEKOLAH MENENGAH ZAINAB, Kota Bharu, class of 1985 then, are high achievers today and are doing extremely well and achieved so much in their respective lives !!

Fews, I mean like dua tiga empat lima orang end up as doctors 😀 , some are proud PhD holders, some doing so great in our leading corporate offices in KL and many more leading cities in Malaysia, some abroad to even-further their study!!!

Now I felt like crying 😦 of this ‘tall and kembang’ feeling…

God, that far eh that I have I left school ?.  Sigh.

I suddenly realized, how time really really flies. But I tell you, schooling years are the best years for just anyone at all, I am sure.

I got this mixed feeling inside of me as I am writing this actually, but above all, I realize one thing, I was in the top class once upon a time in a very well known school in Kelantan but whatever happened to me then? hmmm.

I would like to conclude this one that it is true afterall what I have always said to my children, “opportunity comes only once in life, if you do not grab it, it definitely passes you by…”.

Indeed, why did not I grab the opportunity then when it laid right in front of my very own eyes. Sigh…

2 Replies to “I’m So Proud”

  1. took the wrong course probably?
    but hey i think ure doing pretty well urself
    doesnt mean u went to good school
    you become the best of the best as human right
    some became the most stuck up people we dont even want to get near too

    all the best to you


  2. thing is
    what you think
    the best for you
    never is the best for other people as well
    you just want to achieve
    what we say
    personal achievements
    thank you tho
    for the wise and kind words


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