Am I Complaining?

I was away on leave for the whole of last week and back to pile of my office work today. Sigh.

 My routines for 2008 has started for few days actually @ home especially.

School routines – This year, with one into primary and one into tadika and an additional ‘bull dozer’ at home, I must admit I am bit tensed and tired.

Sarah and Syaza doing amazingly superb in their respective schools, both enjoyed school to max. Alhamdulillah.

But as first timers, they requires a lot of my patience.

Take Sarah for example, she has just into ‘real’ primary school less then a week, and still get carried away with her ‘tadika’ adjustable timing. She is taking her own sweet time over almost everything in the morning – from getting up, getting ready and makan. Talk talk all the time.  Words like – ‘rushing’ and ‘school bell’ do not ring anything for her – yet.

I cant marah her at the same time coz I do not want to scare her with school dicipline just yet. So, this past few days, I have been doing a looooooooooooooooot of in-hale and ex-hale. hehe

I think they will see the ‘other me’ soon when it comes to school and stuff 😀

Syaza also more or less the same. She hardly been awaken from her ‘princess beauty sleep’ so early in the morning.  But nowadays, the bibik will wake her up at some fix timing before 8 am. So, she is kinda confused 🙂 and gets moody sometimes.


Believe me people, these past few days, I have been very extra ordinaire patient with this two princesses of mine.

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