My Angels

2008 kicked off only yesterday.

The clock on my wall now says its 7 am.  This morning of the new year, 2 Jan 2008 is rather cold. 

I am feeling rather low at the moment and I need to brag about few things that is banging in my head. First of all, as the new year is still fresh and celebration just ended, I felt kinda weird that we actually ‘bersuka-ria dan menyambut’ new year. New year means we are older. And we ‘celebrate’ of  being older???? erkssss

Awww lets just forget that. 

Next thing, one wise friend used to say this to me, “Angels are like diamond, we dont built them, but we find them, and each of them is very unique”.

And I totally agree with him.

And my three angels, Miza Syakirah, Sarah Kamilia and Syaza Irdina are my diamonds. They are genuinely unique in their very own way and I love them more then this life it is.

My Miza is studying in a boarding school for the past year and we are sending her to school this afternoon with her tons of stuff.  She has been quite sad from yesterday, it was writtern all over her face. I know for sure, it will be another ‘teary’ occasion later in her school. It has been a long school break for us all,  hence I can quite understand that she will be sad missing us, especially her adik-adik.  Well, one thing for sure, I will miss her a lot too.

Dealing with a teenager her age has been quite a challenge for me. I think, we both are two different individuals with different ‘peel’ and attitude. We disagreed on many things,  let it be whatever sometimes. Sigh. 

Truth is, as a mother, I only want the best for her. The very best in everything that she does in her life !  Rohani and Jasmani. Pysically and spiritually, to be the best Khalifah. I will never stop praying for her well being and happiness. Period.

Never questioned a mother love. And as for me, I will trade my life anytime for you. Its just that sometimes, I have this ‘numbness’  in telling you stuff especially the part where my feeling is involved. I know in my heart that I wish I say it more often – that I love you 😦

Shuuussshhh shhuuhh tears go away ! 😦

The other night when we were out having coffee, I shot her a question – what is her resolution for the year 2008. She said, she wants to improve her grades and her personal traits. She wants to become a better person. Hmmm.. not bad ay.. Amin to that then sayang.

As for my resolution, I also want to become a better person. And I want to improve and amend a lot of things with her. I know as a mother, I need to be that better person to lead and I must potray some good stuff to her. I know that. And to Miza, please stay focused on your studies, PMR is just next year and you will be stunned on how fast time will fly. Like Ibu always said to you darling, “opportunities come only once in life, if you dont grab it, it will pass you by”…

I will always doa and pray for you to become a better muslim. And oh yes, let us both loose some weight also???  😀

That is my first angel, Miza Syakirah.

Now, not forgetting my other Angel, Syaza Irdina. In another hour or so, I will need to wake her up. Her tadika starts today.  She is five this year  and will embark on her first year in Tadika today. Both me and her are all in the elavated mood and excitement for her to start her school years..

Her Tadika is Little Caliph and just a few blocks away from home.

Syaza is extremely excited about going to school. I overheard she was telling the kakak last nite in the car, “kakak, nanti kita boleh baca buku macam Sarah”… Amazing child she will be. Amin.

Wiith all that being said and out of chest, I bid my goodbye for now. I will have my busy days ahead as the new term of school starts tomorrow, I am feeling the ‘sakit kepala’  even from now 😉

So please take care people.  And have a lovely year head.

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