I Am Holding On..

This piece is like 2 + 1 for me.

I eventually watched this movie a.k.a Eragon being aired by Astro few days back with this superb song and beautifully sang by Avril Lavigne titled Keep Holding On on the background. Both are nice = good combination.

So, to leave you with this one for the long weekend it will be for me. Are we all not holding on??

Over to you guys.

You’re not alone
Together we stand
I’ll be by your side, you know I’ll take your hand
When it gets cold
And it feels like the end
There’s no place to go
You know I won’t give in
No I won’t give inKeep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through
Just stay strong
‘Cause you know I’m here for you, I’m here for you
There’s nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through

So far away
I wish you were here
Before it’s too late, this could all disappear
Before the doors close
And it comes to an end
With you by my side I will fight and defend
I’ll fight and defend
Yeah, yeahKeep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through
Just stay strong
‘Cause you know I’m here for you, I’m here for you
There’s nothing you could say

Nothing you could do
There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it throughHear me when I say, when I say I believe
Nothing’s gonna change, nothing’s gonna change destiny
Whatever’s meant to be will work out perfectly
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahLa da da da
La da da da
La da da da da da da da daKeep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through
Just stay strong
‘Cause you know I’m here for you, I’m here for you
There’s nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through

Keep holding on
Keep holding on

There’s nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There’s no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
‘Cause you know we’ll make it through, we’ll make it through

My Story To Tell

Shortly before I went out for lunch today, I was chatting with a friend and we both agreed how manusia will never change. But they rather improved – either to be better or vice versa and I totally agree with him.

Then I for my lunch appointment with my dear old school friend in PJ.  We have not met in ages and we ended up having good lunch and good laugh. We were glad that we did it, like the way we put it, we both love the reminiscence of the good old days.

I must say here that she is doing very well in Avon International and I am indeed proud of her.  She is one brilliant contoh of how people dont really change but improve. And in her case, she has advanced greatly in her life.  She was one of my coursemate way back in UiTM (it was ITM then) in Kelantan.

For some reasons, she did not manage to finish the course then together with the rest of us.  But that never actually stop her at anything!  She got up from the fall and further her studies elsewhere and emerged as one of the best student there !

She was often mistaken for her loudness. She spoke her mind and end up with less friends then others (So am I) – ( I might be wrong here though- hehe).  Her today still like that – has not change a bit. She still speak her mind (So am I) and I am sure not many people usually like us this way.

She simply has not changed but improved. Tremendously !!

And looking at her today makes me realize that it does not really matter if you drop the ball, it is how you pick up the ball that is important.

Walking into her very own huge office this aftenoon, make me realize that how far she has advanced despite of what happened many many years back in her life.  She deserved this really, and Bravo Sue!!

From where I am standing right now, her garden definitely looks greener.  I guess that is pretty normal huh.

So anyway,  done with that part. Another part is that since,  I am a true KL-ian 🙂 (ehem ehem) so public holiday it is for me tomorrow. Nice…

Long weekend it is for me and some of us I am sure.  Have a good break and rest guys and happy working to others..

Till we see each other again, here of course – take care.

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow will mark the end of January 2008. Told you and myself many many times, time flies.

(Before I actually forget??) – it is a birthday of a wonderful family friend of ours tomorrow @ 31 January &*$^.  He is fortunately married to my dearest friend and has become part of us as well eversince.

I cracked my head with this pantun hari jadi (on special request) and also to avoid any unnecessary future complications (hahaha).

Its is Birthday Tomorrow

Hari ini, Hari Lahirku
Aku buntu, apa mau ku
Hari ini, Hari lahirku
Aku termangu, sambil mendagu

Dan, hari ini kerana hari lahirku
Aku akhirnya tahu apa mau ku
Moga diaminkan lagi beribu

Hari ini, Aku ada lagi di sini
Bersama anak dan bini (hahaha)
Hanya ingin mencari bahagia yang hakiki

To a special person indeed he is, Hani dengan berbesar hati, men’translate’kan poem itu ke satu lagi ‘bahasa daerah’ yang sesungguhnya amat beliau kagumi.

 Hari nih, Hari aku lahir
Aku bingung, aku nak ghapo
Hari nih, Hari aku lahir
Aku bingung, dok nongkat dagu

Dan hari ini, sebab ianya hari lahirku
Last last aku tau, aku nak ghapo
Maghi pakat amin ramai-ramai

Ari nih, aku ado lagi sini
Denge anok-anok bini aku (oops)
Mogo-mogo bahagio sapai bilo bilo

**Note to N 🙂  – Please forgive me for bahasa Kelate kadang Kasar Dalam Keindahan dan Tidak Tergambar oleh Kata-kata…

Anyway, hope you will have a good birthday blessed with good health and wealth with your dearest family, who loves you undividedly. Enjoy the song !

Drama and Trauma

Hello guys.

As I mentioned earlier, I was away in JB the whole day of yesterday on a day working trip.

After a ‘little’ sleep a night before, and being alarmed (by my hp of course) at like 5 am yesterday dawn, I can confirm then – I was awfully tired in my brain, body and in my heart. Sigh.

So anyway, I came back to some drama and trauma in the house with my Sarah not feeling well so suddenly,  Syaza was complaining  and bragging of changing her tadika for some ridiculous ideas that she had in her mind  (elo, you are only 4 1/2 years old???!!)  and bla bla bla…

Life is indeed colourful with all sort of savoury and unsavoury characters.


I Am Too Accommodating


Blame it on aging or whatever but I am just plainly exhausted. Almost with everything.

I realized how people of the world are different from one another.  God knows why for that.

As for me, I think I have been very accommodating for lot of people, either people around me or people in my life. In return, mostly they are nice but many has taken me for granted as well.  Sigh.  They seem to have this crazy idea to treat people however they wished. And I just had enough.

Perhaps it is about the right time for me to navigate and become bolder.

I have accomplished many things in my life, Alhamdulillah And I speak my mind.  I however, am careful not to hurt people’s feeling but only ended getting hurt ??

Probably I should have not been ‘too’ kind and ‘too’ accommodating. Too much of everything is obviously bad and hazardous to health and life!

I’d spare my utmost respect for those who has been kind in my life and I love them, sincerely and unconditionally.

Right this very moment, I felt Im being taken for granted and mistreated. Life is indeed not fair eh sometimes.

Well, anyway, gone 2007 and here I am today embracing 2008.  And I do not wish to be the same ‘accommodating’ me !  Adios old hani, welcome new soul.

There! said it!

I Love Him Tremendously

This is the one face that amazingly remarkable tiny lovable washed away all my sadness and misery everytime and brings smile to my face. All the time…

He is an apple to my eyes and he is super duper charming-manja-mengada-loving-‘ngembeng'(kuat nangis)-and all of the above 🙂

My favourite boy of all time !!! and I only have my syukur for him…





I will be in JB tomorrow for a day site visit and will miss him tremendously huge big!!

My Weekend a.k.a Super Tiiirrreeddd…

This one particular weekend has either been tiring or tiring.

My bibik was on a weekend cuti and I took care of sejuta menda!! from cooking and cooking-(never ending, with tea and all)-washing-tidying with the list continues… These were simultaneously with my little boy Razin, still being potty-trained at the very same time.Argh.

Bearing in mind, my better half was away on a weekend seminar (whats new anyway nowadays) and left me single-handedly handling the WHOLEEE batalion.  And not to forget to mention that my parents-in-law are also with us with my bed-ridden dad-in-law and sickly mother-in-law.

One word lingered in my mind at all time – tired, penatnyer, tired?, penatnya.. 

And.. my anak sedara and adik ipar with their respective families were also at my place yesterday.

To begin with, my Sarah pulled out another two of her front teeth bravely on Friday night (proud of her) but ended up being moody the whole night because of her swollen lips. My guess, she tought it would be permanent???


… And of course, her two parrots underneath being photographed with the similar act.

(These two guys follow like almost ‘everything’ that Sarah does – poor Sarah eh but please bear with these two ‘parrots’ – they are stiil your siblings…  😛   They loveeeee you and only want to be with you?

weekend-081.jpg  weekend-082.jpg

and the rest of ‘few’ activities of the kids : WELCOME TIREDNESS….



weekend-100.jpg pool@ our very  own garage.


… our tiny little guests for the day..

oh and of course, not to mention our outdoor activies as well. We went out Saturday evening with other set of activities, unfortunately I did not get them photographed.

Later that evening @ maghrib time yesterday, when everyone had eventually left, my better half ‘finally’ got back home and asked if I want to go out and have coffee. I was like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?

.. I cant even blink, elo? ???

My bibik came back much later last night and went straight to her bed.

Hmm…  and I was thinking…   I am indeed truly the bibik for the entire weekend huh???