Another History In The Making for Sarah

29th December 2007 @ Saturday.

This day was Sarah’s first day in primary school. She is into standard One in a few days and the school had its orientation day today for the standard one students.

I am so proud of this girl of mine. She was extremely excited about the whole idea of going to the ‘real’ school. What more with her new school uniform, bags, shoes, getah rambut 🙂 … you named it, all new, head to the very last toe. hehe 

Sarah is one jovial and warm soul. She smiles a lot and laugh a lot, dance a lot, sing a lot, shout a lot, ‘berangan’ a lot.. and the list goes on.

I have few photos of her first day @ primary.  Just look how happy she is  !


As a mother, I only have my doa for her.  I know she will make me proud soon.  Happy schooling Sarah.. you have many many more years to go 🙂

sarah_school-002.jpg  sarah_school-004.jpg  sarah_school-005.jpg

3 Replies to “Another History In The Making for Sarah”

  1. best of luck to sarah,our dearest ‘aghah’!
    hehe can’t wait to hear from ‘d girl standin at the door’ tu…hehe,jauh merenung tu…thinkin abt little caliph ke 🙂


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