Bidding Farewell to my 2007, welcome 2008 !

Pergh. What a year it has been. It will take awhile for me to consume all that have happened in the year of 2007.

As I am writing this, we got only one more final weekend before 2008 arrives.  As next week comes, Tuesday to be exact, we are already in the new year.


I must say, if I sat down alone quietly sipping my favourite nescafe, I can actually write a whole book about what 2007 has been. Many major and minor yet important events has taken place.  My dad in law is now back with us after almost 2 years staying with other bros and sis.  Being said that, I stayed with him for almost 12 years before that. My dad is a stroke patient for almost 7  years and has been bed-ridden since.

I never actually say this loud, but looking at him has brought some new perpectives for me in viewing what life is all about when I am old. Sigh.

As for a very important chapter of my life, friendship – must say 2007 has been challenging.  Many of my friends in this year of 2007, re-marrying, sadly divorced and as for this one friend, Eydah, who faced the great test of her lifetime when her beloved hubby passed away peacefully quite recently at the age of only 41 years old. Al fatihah.

Not forgetting to mention, some happy moments such as results of UPSR and stuff. Congrats Haziq.

Oh, and of course same problems here and there – again major and minor.  We shared our concern and doa for a better things to happen in our life. We have come a long long way with this ‘friendship’ thing and will remain like it is for eternity. Friendship plays a major role in my life and I love my friends like my very own family. I called them friends that turn family and thankful for having them over the many many years, sharing and supporting.

And, as important as it is, I have met and make my acquantaince with many many new fabulous friends as well for the year of 2007 !

Like I said, I can write a book. Hmmm.

But just to summary (for my own memory of course) :

March 2007 

  • My Sarah Kamilia turned six.
  • My dad passed away in 2001. Al fatihah.
  • Damia Qaisarah turned 2.

May 2007     

  • Mark my one year instinct with my current job.
  • My Miza Syakirah turns 13.
  • Miza enrolled into boarding school. First in the second generation of Mamat bin Jaya and Ali bin Salleh to be enrolled in a boarding School. She made us all very proud and syukur.

June 2007

  • 14 years of happiness it has been 🙂 and still counting.

July 2007

  • My better half turns 4…. (oops). Dont worry darling, its just some numbers.
  • My Syaza Irdina blossomly turned 4.
  • My manja boy, Razin Hafizi turned 2.
  • my Blog@Somethin’ Light was born.

August 2007 

  • Another year wiser eh ? 🙂

Sept 2007     

  • It has been a sad 16 years since my mother passed away 😦 . Al Fatihah.
  • We happily welcomed Eusoff Ammar.

Oct 2007

  • A great person, Allahyarham Prof. Iskandar Abdullah peacefully passed away. Al Fatihah.
  • Kelantan Trip after almost 3 years !

Nov 2007

  • My first son handsomely turned 11.

Dec 2007

  • My cousin, Linda passed away 😦

As for the coming year of 2008, it will definitely mark another challenging year to embrace.

I have always thought of life as of some knowledge that comes along with it. It teaches me stuff. Some will definitely make me wiser. I never actually believe in the saying, “you will be wiser as time goes” – but nowadays, I am beginning to realize, yes it is very true. With honesty in viewing life and some even may have been fated, nothing is coincidence and it happen for ‘A’ reason to be discoverd or never to be discovered, but with ‘A’ reason it is.

Sometimes, must admit I am bit ‘lembab’ with senses but God willing, ada sahaja sahabat or family member yang genuinely cared for me with ‘ketuk’ my head to wake me up. Syukur.

Having writing all of the above, with lafaz Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, I wish everybody and myself inclusive, “Selamat Datang 2008 !). It will be another good year, InsyaAllah.

2 Replies to “Bidding Farewell to my 2007, welcome 2008 !”

  1. kak hani y am i not included in ur year end summary?merajuk ler mcm ni..xmo kwn tau..!anyway knowing u abt 1 year is a blessing 4 me..i really mean it..thanks 4 the advice n support ya..miss u a lot…bila nk hangout nie?


  2. Hey dik,
    Hope you in ‘better’ situation eh 🙂
    You are not included there in the posting
    but has always been ‘written’ in my heart definitely
    You are dearly missed
    and lets hang out soon.


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