Expect the Unexpected

I am not too sure how to begin this.

 Just too many unexpected has taken place. At least for the year of 2007.

Most recent one is my dearest friend’s bro who is supposedly to be married in less then 2 weeks is having some serious issues. The family is rectifying many ‘internal’ things and I prayed so much that things will be okay by time the wedding is scheduled.

The loss of my dearest cousin, in a tragic road accident less then 3 weeks ago is also another thing I am still consuming. I must admit among us all in KL, she had always come to me for almost anything and we became indeed very close. 😦 She was only 32 years old and in the midst of preparing for her wedding scheduled sometime in February next year.

And not to mention the recent appointment of my better half to sit as the Director, Technical for MASUM. No doubt its indeed a good news for him and our family but much of his time is now away attending sports events, sports opening and closing, never ending series of meetings, outstation trips, bla bla… sigh.

I dont really remember when was the last time he was this busy and children did sometimes make a ‘tiny’ fuss here and there.

As time passes, I have come to the term to expect the unexpected. Above are just a few to mention and there is like sejuta more things that is going on that least I expect.

Life is a mystery on its own eh.

Perhaps all of us should learn to expect the unexpected…

3 Replies to “Expect the Unexpected”

  1. Hi, the title really touched my heart.Sorry to hear the demise of your cousin, kita sama2 sedekahkan Alfatihah kpd. si Arwah.How do you explain the seperation of 2 people who are still alive.Is it fair? No explaination or clarification, you can go on guessing but the truth still lies with the person who initiated the Unexpected.Maybe for some people, memories are not meant to be kept but to be thrown away when it is of no value. They tend to forget that memories be it good or bad, adds flavours and colours to our life.Eventhough our interaction is very very minimal but I do value whatever memories that we went through with our ‘gang’ during lunches/coffee session.Nobody can take away that portion of my life. I pun tak sure why I am writing all these but your posting gave a very different approach on ‘Expect the Unexpected’……See you soon.


  2. Honest
    I am clueless about feelings that ends
    To me, there is no end to feelings
    Let it be anger, frustration or love
    If you are angry, you will forever will
    If you are frustrated, you will always will
    and if you love, you will definitely will always will
    Thing is
    As time passes, we will learn to understand better
    at our anger
    at our frustration
    and our love
    but separation or some ending..
    no way!
    sigh – hope u understand..


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