I Feel ‘Second’


I like to think I am a survivor, afterall I have gone through so much in life. Experiences does make me wiser really. Mistakes that happened along the way is to be learnt. Never collapse.

But one thing that I could never deal is this sad feeling of being ‘second’.  Its a terrible feeling really. Why cant I be informed?  Or does not really necessary for me to be informed? I Feel like crying out loud and wish both time and things can be reversed and I am the champion again..

Sigh. And now today, this is what I feel so suddenly.  Perhaps, I am asking too much. Who do I think I am anyway at the very first place.

And I hate this feeling. It is very depressing. And I wish today passes quickly. 😦

5 Replies to “I Feel ‘Second’”

  1. i am the second child
    i dont mind at all

    whatever it is the problem was
    im sure there was never first
    probably second is the first of everything


  2. You are very right there
    and I dont like it neither
    Thing is
    I think you are confused
    between being the second one
    and feeling second
    🙂 Have a good day


  3. Sometimes we should be grateful of being ‘second’. At least we are still in the loop rather than be considered inexistence. The issue is how long can we tolerate being the’second’, are there any chance of us being elevated to a higher status…..kempunanlah nampaknya but as for me I would still hang on to it even how slim the chance are.


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