My Sister and An Outing

Salam to all.

This is my sister.

She has one unique name and I have not heard twice of it. Her name is Hasti. She is my second sister and fondly known as Chik (in short of makcik) to my kids and all her anak anak sedara.

She is a very special, warm, likeable person. And She means alot to me.

Actually, I am not too keen to talk about myself (not here in my blog) but just to set record straight, I lived with her when I was 13 years old right up to when I was about 18 years old. I was doing my primary in Sekolah Menengah Zainab, which was far from my arwah’s mom place and ended living with her during my teenage years.

With that brief intro, I guess there just wont be any word to describe how much I owed her. Even she is indeed my very own sister but deep in my heart, I hope she knows how thankful and terhutang budi I am for almost anything and everything that she has done for me. I dont think I will be whoever I am today for not because of her and I know I could never never thank her enough. Sigh.

I was with her throughout the most crucial years of my life as human being a.k.a zaman remaja and had learned and adapted many many things from her.

I even, ended getting my wedding reception held at her place then.

I know I never say this to her, but I sincerely hope that my actions speak louder then my words, and she would just know how much I love her.

This is her by the way. (She is going to kill me if she sees this gambar published like here??) – Sori sis…


She arrived at my place on Friday, I was away then in Singapore.

So anyway, even the Singapore trip has been quite a trip, I am happy my sister landed at my place safe and the very next day, I took her and her kids (my anak sedara of course) out to jalan jalan and makan-makan. Just to share a few photos, what happened that day..


outing2.jpg  outing3.jpg  outing4.jpg  outing5.jpg outing6.jpg

and I think everybody had fun.

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