What Was I Thinking Today…

I dont like to judge people and I dont like to be judged.

I always believe that every single human being in this world are special in their own way.  Any normal person blessed with ‘aqal’, I believe have reasons for whatever decision or action that they take. Some may end up being responsible for it and some may just close their one eye and walk away.

I did many things in my history of living. Bad and good things. I got my reasons that only I understand. Some, may be done with a clear conscience and some may not. But I want to be responsible for whatever decision that I made in my life.

So, I swear to God, that I hate it, hate it when people judge me.  I know I am not alone in this life, I shared my life with my other half, my family, my kids, my friends but whoever you are in my life, please do not judge me. In return I dont judge people also. Why? Simply because everybody has reasons. I dont know, so I just keep quiet.


Just my thought for today. I am fine. Nothing happened but keep on thinking about it.

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