Sarah’s Little Graduation


Sarah has always been the ‘dangdut one’ in my house.

To make thing even worse 😀 with her then, coming graduation day which was eventually held on Saturday, 24 November 2007, she was basically singing and dancing to every opportunity that she had in the house.

The joyful Graduation Day for Tadika Minda Aktif, was held successfuly yesterday.

Must say, I could not be happier looking at her that day, enjoying herself to some beautiful kids song. She was dancing too. She and her friends really really had a good time 🙂

As usual, I m very delighted to share some of her graduation photo from her Tadika for two years, Tadika Minda Aktif. Both me and her dad are so thankful to the teachers who have been very patient and hardworking with my Sarah especially and the tadika mostly.

And to Sarah Kamilia who has successfully completed her pre-school programme, congratulations darling ! I am so so proud of you!!


sarah_grad1.jpg  sarah_grad2.jpg  sarah_grad3.jpg 

grad1.jpg  grad2.jpg   grad6.jpg

grad4.jpg  grad3.jpg  grad7.jpg  grad8.jpg

 grad9.jpg grad5.jpg

grad10.jpg  grad11.jpg grad12.jpg

grad13.jpg grad14.jpg 

Congrats Sarah !! 😀

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