If Only They Know..


Often I heard people say, if we went through hardship in life, we would appreciate this life better. And, I’m not too sure how far this is true though. 

Life to me is one big word.  Life is me and me is life. That kinda big.

I gone through a lot in life really and with that, my guess I can be in that group of people who said, ‘you appreciate life better through hardship. There are quite a number of  ‘too’ sad stories in my life that I do not wish to utter a word about it ever. I wish to fold them nicely and let them buried in one corner of my heart silently.

But every once in awhile when needs arised for me to actually explain what life is all about to my little ones, it will eventually remind me of lot of things including those that I do not wish to remember.

I realized kids nowadays are clueless about anything. 

They know they need to achieve something and parents have made it easy for them. Me, for instance has always made things easy for my juniors.  I do not have much choice really as I am fighting my own battle between my responsibility as a mother and my wanting for them to learn things on their own. Sigh.

But there is just no word for me to find and use to get my messages accrosed, that noone ever says that life will be easy and it will worth better with hardship. But believe me, I know this is very true, through my very own experience and hardship in life, so who is better to tell you then me huh?  Believe me, I know that my ever-ending audio lectures & nagging sounded very very bo-ring and bla bla but how I wished you guys know what life is all about …

Hmmm.. Am I worrying too much?

I hope that one day, my kids especially will come to their better senses that life is indeed very hard 😦  The time will come for decision making and struggle. Dont ever ever take just anything at all for granted.  Today is for sure, but tommorow is for noone to tell.  You might need to be nasty when its due.

Even not too far from all these, I pray and I know they will be fine, insyaAllah.

Wallahualam. Sigh.

6 Replies to “If Only They Know..”

  1. well it is true
    that if u never experience hard life
    u never appreciate it
    like my cousin
    his dad is like a millionaire in dubai
    the son was like really spoilt
    and now having no education
    asik kene pukul orang sana sini
    bcoz of his rich mouth
    he dissapeared from home for few months
    now back wh his dad
    working at dad’s ferrari showroom haha (as a salesman)
    life is tough


  2. Hi ibu!
    It’s me,your baby Miza.I know you’ve been through hard times.But you should know,your children is always there to support you. I love you mom.Don’t 4get,I’m still your baby:)

    Miza,your 1st and amazing baby girl…Love you mum.


  3. My Dearest baby Miza,
    Thank you for your meaningful note here
    I m glad that you acknowledged my experiences in life
    and yes it was tough
    Thing is
    the scary part is that
    its even tougher now
    with all these modern techonologies, gadgets and all
    but again, like Ibu has always said
    opportunities come only once
    if you dont grab it
    it will pass you by..
    above all, I love you very much
    take care 🙂


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