When Words Speak Louder Then Actions

There is this girl. Young and recently got married.

We are not that close but somehow she came to me recently and asked, “Do you think I should stay with my mother-in-law tak kak”.

For a moment I was like huh? And of course, prior to that question that she popped up, there were couple of times when we actually had bit-here-and-there chats about the same issue.

Honest, I dont know what to answer her then.  After gasping for air for a while trying to say the right sentence to her, I plainly said, “Well, I am not alim myself, but this is not what Kak Hani said but Allah said, somewhere in the holy al-quran about a relationship with in-laws. About what Allah said if got the kemampuan, please take your wife out and stay on your own”.

That was two weeks ago.

Today, she called me and said, she eventually did move in with her mother-in-law after the conversation that we had that one particular day, and last night, both her and hubby packed their things again and left the mother-in-law house in the middle of the night??


Feeling bad for not knowing what to answer her, I simply said, “Dik, hidup ni macam roda jer. Now that both of  you are angry, lets cool off bit, but at the end of the day, you are still the anak and she is still the mother”.

I continued, “Dont la lama-lama, nanti balik, minta ampun and resume life as normal kay”.

We both hang up the phone.

Piece of advice for myself : When words speaks louder then the actions, go back to roots. Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui… Amin.

6 Replies to “When Words Speak Louder Then Actions”

  1. if there is a good root of agama in all of us
    im sure there is no problem
    in this case of everday life stuff
    do it according to islam
    explain to her why the toot she cant stay with the law
    if the mother always cause a problem
    then why asking for trouble?
    islam make it simple for everybody


  2. Islam indeed simplfy everything for everybody
    But in a modern way of doing it
    When we open our mouth to speak
    and cannot say anything that is nice
    and only want to hurt people
    might as well dont speak


  3. people speak for many reasons
    and god knows what intention they have in the heart

    but advice and good critics
    sometime can sound awful
    thats why ppl say
    buang yang keruh amik yang jernih


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