CupCakes and A Birthday


We had another makan makan session yesterday @ my place, Saturday, 17 Nov 2007.

This time round call it, birthday-cum-trying out cupcakes 🙂

Originally, it is all about cupcakes really. Awa was almost crazy about this cupcakes thing and we both decided that Hazim’s birthday last week would be the ‘purfect’ time to try this ‘cake thing’ called cupcakes?

Well, it may be common to some but indeed new to us.

So finally, we ordered some beautiful cupcakes at a very last minute with this handsome 😀 young boy named Umar. Please check out his blog, for details of this yummy cupcakes.

To him, thank you for agreeing to our last minute request/order. My son looooved it. In fact everybody loves it. It was something different that we had than our usual Secret Recepi’s cake…

Must admit though, while the sugar icing was rather bit too sweet (for me at least), the cupcakes looked so lovely when being photographed. And, the kids were so excited with the tiny transformers ‘tgv’??? replicas that Umar has decided to put on the some of the tiny cupcakes.

I got more photos of the cupcakes and us (hehe) for sharing purposes below.


Everybody had fun and enjoyed the food I hope.  My meehoon sup tulang eventually finished to the last drop 🙂

and thanks for coming people. Muahs….

hazim_bd.jpg  The delish cup cakes .. “Happy Birthday Musatafa Hazim”.

hazim_bd1.jpg  hazim_bd3.jpg 

hazim_bd5.jpg  My b’day boy and his Transformers cupcakes 🙂

hazim_bd4.jpg  hazim_bd6.jpg  hazim_bd7.jpg

hazim_bd9.jpg  My ‘tu.. !’ boy enjoying his cupcakes. Yummy….

hazim_bd11.jpg  the ever 3 stooges.. sarah, syaza & damia

hazim_bd10.jpg  hazim_bd12.jpg  OOPsss… 😀

7 Replies to “CupCakes and A Birthday”

  1. well.well.. looks yummy ek? well here weddings is a norm ting to have cupcakes as wedding cakes. so its a weekly affair here!! taklah secrazy u all pat sana ?? aniwae nice events ….. opps btw wares d invitation ek???? 🙂


  2. Hey there
    Thank you for the nice words
    I always believe that
    if you cant be genuine to people
    you can at least be genuine to urself eh
    cheers !


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