Results Out !

UPSR results out today. So I heard.

I was in the office today and half of the officemates are talking about it. I remembered the faces. The proud face and the frustration face. Honest people, ask me, who is happier or more frustrated upon getting the results? Mommy, daddy or the student herself?.  Yup, you guessed it right, its definitely the parents. What more the mother…. hikhik.

Well anyway, my very own anak sedara in Kelantan scored quite a satisfactory results. Alhamdulillah.  Even it is not as good but we are thankful.

To my dearest friend, Sherry and Sis Sharifah, finally eh. Adios the stress 😀

While reminding myself, I just want to say whatever the results sekali pun, itulah rezeki anak anak kita.  As mothers, our doa is always with them. Amin.

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