My Things To Do


I am seriously having a busy schedule ahead. 

The year-end school holidays is this Friday which means few occasions best and need to be done during this period.

I am going to have series of things to do in the upcoming weeks. Hmmm.

For a start, my baby girl, Miza is coming home from school this Friday. Lots of things to bring back..she said. Most probably, I have to go la tuh…

The following day which is Saturday, me and Awa (my sassy sister in law) is doing a small ‘tea do’ for my son’s birthday a.k.a belated. hehe.

We both are very excited to try this so-in-nowadays  colourful ‘cup cakes’! . Yummy yummy and ehem ehem news travel that it is fully sponsored by her beloved hubby 🙂 Tenkius keladi leaf eh guys 😀


Aiyo… since it is going to be a home-cooking-thing event, it means pasar trip and listing down things to buy and not to buy?? , what to cook as the main dishes and what for dessert and bla bla bla.

Then, another big big event coming soon after.

My beloved eldest boy is entering his new life path as a boy @ man. He finally nak kena sunat during this school break.

Both me and Awa again organizing this.  Nervous nervous…

Again, planning is very much crucial.  I am having my sisters from Kelantan and my cousins, unties and uncles from singapore coming for this major event. The kenduri will be done in slightly bigger scale this time round since another boy, Eusoff Ammar (remember him??) nak cukur jambul in the same day.

God, this means khemah? pinggan mangguk? who is cooking? or catering ? If cooking..who to cook…  Sigh..

Oh and the pasar trip….

… and the list continues… Sigh.

Praying hard for a smooth sailing plans.

Syukur Alhamdullilah I am getting all the help needed from Awa especially and my nieces. Oh and, my favourite niece, Nini is arriving to our house this 21 November for her semester break and or course, lending a helping hand for this untie in need….

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