Inside My Head

My Syawal ended yesterday with a raya open house come birthday party at a friend’s place in Bukit Antarabangsa.

I been at home sleeping for the past few days??? and yesterday, when I was out meeting people, I realized many things had happened that I am not at know.

Actually this kinda of thing and information that you get whenever such gathering held can be quite useful. Even some call it gossiping, but I call this networking ūüėÄ


I met this one Kakak and hubby who we have not seen in at least six years. Her name is Kak Ida. The moment she heard I was there, she came out looking. Pulled a chair. Sat there next to me and never moved since. I was fine with that and we talked about lot of things.

Eventually, they have moved house and now staying in Rawang and upon knowing my girl, Miza is schooling in Rawang, has quickly invited us for a bbq or makan makan at her new house the next time I visited Miza. Alhamdulillah, rezeki.. I said.

Done with one event.

Kak Ida’s¬†husband used to urut my dad once upon a time, at the beginning years when my dad was struck with stroke. He, eventually has kindly¬†offered to come and urut my dad again, the next time, he got the chance to which again I said, Alhamdulillah.

We have parted for over six years and now we are at contact again. Nice eh.

Then, another friend sampai. A brief hi and she was asking how come I never turned up at another friend’s raya (Lets call her’Dolly’)¬†open house¬†a week ago. Well.. I was never invited, I said. She seemed shocked.¬†Hmm… So do I??

Then I realized, ‘Dolly’¬†did send me messages and called few times to which I did not have a proper time replying or answering to her calls or sms.¬† I must have hurt her feelings in anyway… I thought, oops.

There is some more.

This friend of mine who was hosting the raya gathering yesterday, has a sister. I called her Kak Long since I dont really know her full name.  We met many times in the same house and became friends ourselves.

She eventually, baru habis pantang to her second daughter. This baby girl arrives nine years after her eldest ! She looked extremely happy and blessed. I am happy for her too.

Thing is, looking at her taking care of the newly born after nine years, one thing quickly came to my mind. Alamak lecehnya….

Much later on my way back in the car, while talking to my sis in law about few upcoming events that both her and me are holding, my head was still spinning over that few incidents that just happened in that house. Again and again.

What a day it was.

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