11.11 – Mustafa Hazim


I have always like the name ‘Mustafa’.  According to the name book that I bought prior his arrival, Mustafa means, ‘Umat yang terpilih’.

Chosen or not he may be, he is indeed an apple to my eye from the very first time I saw him till today.  He is my first boy and has always remain in a very special place in my heart.

And he has always also been the favourite cucu to her nenek.

He warned me today not to make him blow any candles or does any cake cutting. He made me promise. Tak ‘macho‘  he continued explaining. Hmmm. You are only 10 years old and you telling me this!, kids nowadays are using big words they themselves have the  least clue what it means..

And,  I guess in this department, boys really differ then girls. No cake??? No tiup-tiup lilin?? erks.

Anyway, it is his birthday tomorrow, November 11.  He will turn 10 years old, and he will get what he wishes for.

Ok sayang, fine no birthday cake. Fine also, no cake cutting as promised 😀   Just enjoy yourself okay while taking care of your health.  My doa and prayers for you will never find its full stop…

 Happy Birthday Abang Ngah !!

The date has always been special
You came to my arms and made me cry of joy
I remembered how you brought smile to my face
Counting your small fingers and toes
You are just too perfect, I said..
And complete my round of happiness, I concluded..
And it is still like that, till today…

5 Replies to “11.11 – Mustafa Hazim”

  1. it touches my heart…really,deep inside…
    he-abg ngah..resembles my son eusoff..or should i say the other way round..hehe… they do look alike,rite?i can simply feel what r u trying to express,kak lang.May our ‘abg ngah’ will always bring joys and happiness….May His blesses will always with them.
    To our dearest ‘Macho’ abg ngah ‘Mus’……..
    EPPY 10th BurpDay!!we love u BrO!!
    Kullu Ammah Anta biKhair…..

    HugN’kisses’ 🙂 ——paksu&maksu&Damia&Eusoff.

    p/s:abg ngah…mlm nie kite party party party…kuang kuang kuang…
    still remember kak lang,he’s the one yg mula2 used that phrase when he’s small…kuang kuang kuang…..!


  2. To our dearest mak su and pak su, xi xi for birthday fun treat eh.
    To laila, hope u had a gud birthday 🙂
    Birthdays indeed remind us of lot of things eh.



    heppy belated burstday!!! its NEVER too Late to wish u ekk??? *ehhe sounds mcm pernah dengar gitu :)* well i will insya allah gave the prezen u always wanted wen i come to visit in dec k…..

    take care & my doa always to u tooo….. muacks


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