My Bus Ride

Hey I missed you guys la… 🙂

I was away yesterday on a bus day trip to Johor Bahru for our corporate raya gathering held at Puteri Pan Pacific, JB.

I was trying to recall when was the last time I ever took a bus for a more then 4 hours trip to anywhere and can vividly recalled none. Hmmm. It must have been probably 10 years or more that I ever be on a bus travelling.

And God, I dont like it. At all…

It is so so so uncomfortable and the bus also seemed to be so slowly driven. I lowered the seat but everything was so wrong. Sigh. Trying to sleep. Cant.

We left office at approximately 7 am only to reach the hotel at about 12 noon and started our journey home at 3.30 pm and reach KL at about 8.30 pm !

And this whole thing makes me really wonder how on earth all those people who travelled on like daily or weekly or even monthly on this thing called BUS ! How did they do it??

heheheh 😀

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