1 November 2006

I never believe in a friendship over the net. I am an IT blind. I have zero interest in chatting or web surfing for friends. In fact, I always thought it is damn stupid to actually meet someone over the net and eventually become friends? I am a very logic person. I touch to feel and seeing is believing.

Well, this one person that I actually met over the net has eventually changes few of my usual perspective.

I used to think hard seeking for some answers to explain this to my ownself at least for I never believe in coincidence. This one word keep on coming to mind. We just eventually ‘click’ from the very begining. I used to tell this friend of mine how he reminds me of my ownself but only in different gender 🙂

Well, not to write too much about this thing, just that, today 1 november 2007 marked a year of this whole thing to happen.

Like i said, he changes few things in my usual life routines and I am glad that we both have been given this opportunity to eventually becomes wonderful friends.

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