Cracking My Head

Its so bizzare whenever I exhausted myself yet had this joy and good feeling inside.

I cooked more then nine dishes for my small do raya yesterday. Tired big big time, yet felt so excited and happy to receive the guests 🙂

I cooked nasi lemak ayam berempah as my main dish, alongside with Lontong and Spaghetti.

Just to share this, my spaghetti was a hit among the main dishes 😀  And, speaking of the, I just want to mention this for sharing purposes. I have tried cooking spaghetti using both minced chicken and minced beef. Somehow, after trying both, I usually go for chicken, because to me, I always thought chicken is always healthier and I really mind the smell of minced beef in spaghetti. Hmmm.

So anyway, as for yesterday’s spaghetti, while deciding on whether to use chicken or beef, a friend cracked my head.

A friend said, “well, try to imagine using dalam karipap, inti kacang. Best tak?”

And I did not say anything, but did think about it.

And, it did crack my head thinking, how lousy would that karipap tastes with inti kacang??? So tak kena.

So I said to myself, “yeah la… what on earth was I thinking to use chicken for my spaghetti?”.

So, beef it was yesterday and it was a sold out!!

Bak kata my girls, ” Eh best aa spaghetti ibu”. and Sarah and Syaza had like almost 3 rounds of them 🙂

Thank you eh for cracking my head.  I guess some people just wont listen unless you crack their head with something ‘cracky’ and hey, it works.

I will share some photos later of my small raya open house yesterday.

Thank you for reading.

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