I m tired big time :)


I remembered only last year in the same very month of the Holy Syawal, I did a open house for raya and invited almost everybody that I know. I remembered cooking nasi tomato, mee hoon sup  tulang, rendang, nasi himpit, dessert and bla bla bla.

And this year at exactly  only a year after that, I am doing it again. Only, this time round I m doing in in a smaller scale, inviting people in group. And, hear this. I M TIRED… SO BIG TIME 🙂   hehehe

Hmmm…. malam tadi, while i was trying to fall asleep, i had this in mind, why eh… i m so like tired like this?

Then, i said to myself… you must be getting older hani…

ha ha ha,  me??? getting older????  No!!!!!! 🙂


ok people, its 6.20 am in the morning. I m off to cook. InsyaAllah by 12 noon, everything need to be ready.


3 Replies to “I m tired big time :)”

  1. hehe last year’s open house was fun n exciting,since everybody was there…. 🙂 it was like adun’s house…hehe,biasalah kak lang…accordin to d list katenye 100 guests jer…alih2 turn up to be more than that..hehe…


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