Lets Move On

Morning all

Past few days has been a very sad time. Whilst, we are still in the month of Syawal, let us all be optimistic for a coming brighter days.

Allahyarham Professor Dr Iskandar bin Abdullah telah selamat disemadikan petang semalam in a such lovely and fine weather at about 5.45 pm 😦

He was indeed loved by so many people who came to pay their last respect yesterday.

As for me and I am sure everyone else, life shall presume. Never a moment, we forget those who had left us. But lets live up the spirit and strive to become a better individual and a better muslim  – to fill up this tiny and short sojurn of ours.

Dealing with death was never easy. Requires a lot of patience and ‘keredhaan’. We cried, we mourned, but not far from there, we need to get up on our feet again and to move on…

As for me, I will have another busy weekend cooking and expecting raya guests. And raya still will be raya eh.

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