Bidding My Farewell :(

😦 you may be dont know him. Me myself dont know him that well. Sigh.

But this special person has always been close to my heart somehow, what more eversince he suddenly fell ill while working in Abu Dhabi University. I have gathered bit of info below from one of his dear family friend, just for sharing purposes. Please read down 😦


Dr. Iskandar Abdullah, new Associate Professor of Marketing and Al Ain Campus Coordinator for the College of Business Administration, is a PhD holder
from the leading Smurfit Graduate School of Business in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Iskandar also holds a MBA from Central Michigan University in USA. He was awarded the high scholastic achievement award in business administration in Michigan, USA. Prior to joining ADU, Dr. Iskandar was a professor of marketing and director of graduate studies at the College of Business & Science in the Sultanate of Oman. Furthermore, he has served as a faculty member at Univerisiti Putra in Malaysia and Graduate School of Business, University College, Dublin Ireland. He is the author of over twenty published works, including books, chapters, and journal articles in addition to technical reports for the Ministry of Education of the government of Malaysia. Having earned his MBA at Central Michigan University, USA, Dr. Iskandar researched advertising, branding services marketing, media and audience studies, international marketing and consumer behaviour.

source : vougemom.blogspot

My last farewell and doa. I know I will miss him in my own way, greatly 😦

Mudahan di cucuri rahmatNya keatas Allahyarham and bersemadilah bersama orang orang yang sufi.  Amen


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