Chronology Of My Raya @ 2007

🙂 hello

As promised, here are some photos of my raya @ 2007.

The Chronology:

Two days to Malam Raya (err still in KL). It was 9th October after bukak puasa, my kids were playing bunga api.

dscn0118.jpg dscn0119.jpg  dscn0120.jpg dscn0121.jpg

We left KL on Thursday, 11 th October 2007 at approximately midnite with car fullllll of bags !

It was our longest journey ever balik Kelate seriously. This is due to the number of the cars travelled down for raya in Pantai Timur.

Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely in Tanah Merah noon the next day after almost 12 hours driving. Accidents were like everywhere along the way.

Children were thrilled tho so there were basically no complaints from them 🙂 but my bibik was sick truout the journey. She cannot tahan the aircond smell ?? even we bought her ubat, but she like pengsan tru out.  Heheh

Anyway, raya came, 13 October 2007. Share some photos.

dscn0131.jpg  dscn0132.jpg  dscn0136.jpg  dscn0130.jpg    dscn0129.jpg    dscn0126.jpg  dscn0128.jpg 

Done with first raya.

Third day raya, Monday, 15 October 2007, my second sis, who bought and renovated her new house prior to raya, decided to do a small do sort of kenduri-naik-rumah for us all who came back for raya from KL. My unties and my nieces also came back for raya from KL.

She did a delicious-yummy-kelantan nasi minyak. (God I missed the nasi now).

Here are the gambar of the new house.

dscn0187.jpg  dscn0189.jpg  dscn0190.jpg    dscn0194.jpg

oh btw, the house is in KLCC. hik hik. Kok Lanas City Centre??? 😉

Next, my niece Ira announced a BBQ that she is organizing in her arwah datuk and nenek house in Banggol the following night, Tuesday 16, October 2007. My sister stayed there previously. And, here are some gambar.

dscn0146.jpg  dscn0141.jpg  dscn0162.jpg  dscn0160.jpg  dscn0154.jpg  dscn0158.jpg

dscn0176.jpg  dscn0177.jpg  dscn0145.jpg  dscn0179.jpg  dscn0167.jpg  dscn0157.jpg

dscn0158.jpg  dscn0170.jpg  dscn0143.jpg  dscn0155.jpg

Oh yeah.. we had HUGEeeee fun and errr food 😀

We left Banggol almost midnite coz esok nye, supposedly, we need to leave for KL already 😦

But Oopsss… change of plan tetiba.

My kak long called later that nite with this crazy breaking news. She was almost begging that my other half to lead a rombongan meminang!!! of her hubi (my bro in law) nephew.

And its not near neither, my bro in law punya anak sedara decided to marry one Setiu girl. And errr, Setiu is in Terenganu by the way.

Hmmm. So, esok pepagi, Wednesday, 17 October 2007, we shot off to Setiu, Terengganu. Few photos below. What a day huh 🙂

engage1.jpg   engage2.jpg  engage3.jpg

Sincerely, I wish the newly engaged couple all the best and have a blessful marriage eh.

It was a simple ceremony. The girl seemed nice 🙂

Bought some keropok on the way back coz esoknya, balik time 😦

Last but not least, here are some photos during the journey back on Thursday, 18 October 2007 that eventually took us another 12 hours of driving. Sigh.

Tell you aaa, now I think I know why, I balik kelantan like three years once for raya. Sigh. I m beginning not to enjoy the journey and the long travelling hours.  Aiyo… far far away you know.

I think even the astronout pun dah mendarat….


dscn0196.jpg     dscn0200.jpg  dscn0197.jpg    dscn0199.jpg  dscn0198.jpg

ok sekian, terima kasih  🙂 and Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin. 0 – 0 eh.

3 Replies to “Chronology Of My Raya @ 2007”

  1. U felt funny he is in green?
    I tot you know ur uncle better then that ma..
    He simply wants to be different?
    Yeah, I am bit upset that u did not come
    and visit


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