I’m Back

🙂 Hey people.

God I never knew I m going to miss this blog this much 😉

I am back in KL btw. And, I am tired big big time. Sigh. Told you what Raya means to me. And the travelling down to kelate really really not helping. We left Gombak toll at about 1 am and arrived in my sister house in Tanah Merah at 12 noon siangnya! Almost 12 hours driving!

The jam was terrible. And the number of cars travelling, oh my god. Hence, I have concluded that half of KL ians is from Kelantan 😀

So anyway, besides the jam, we indeed had a gud raya. It was great in fact and the kids enjoyed it the most. Oh I missed the local food honest. And the ‘lompat tikam’ here, I tell you tasted sooooooooooo much better 😉

I will post some gambar ok later.

So, as for today, I am still on leave and off to pasar in a while. Today I want to cook mee hailam and soto for tomorrow 🙂

Come and raya lah!

Take care people. I miss you ya. 😀

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