Salam Aidil Fitri and Bon Voyage


Hey its Hari Raya and why do I feel sad at the same time? Sigh.

Indeed it is Hari Raya in less then 3 days and I have not done any single packing for my hari raya break in kelantan.  Hmm. This is not good huh.

Hari Raya to arrive again to mark a celebration for a success Ramadhan. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you, especially to my friends (that turn family) Selamat Hari Raya gang, maaf Zahir dan Batin. True we take nothing to heart with this precious friendship of ours but sometimes, when we talked and joked and ‘lasered’  and whatever, which I am sure we meant well but as human, if I have in any way at all hurt or ter umpat 😀  I seek humble forgiveness from the most bottom of my heart.

To all my aunties and uncles, favourite cousins in the whole wide world in Singapore – me and family menyusun sepuluh jari memohon ampun dan maaf while wishing you guys the best raya of all times. Hope to see you in KL for raya kay.

Lets have a good and ‘healthy’ raya. And oh please, for those who are travelling down and up – east, north, south or whereever your destination may be, please please drive safe. Fasting and travelling can be quite a tiresome thing, so please have a good rest people for the travel.

And last but not least, to a dear friend of mine who is travelling far far on a jet plane to visit his sick dad, 😦 I wish him safe journey, half almost home eh. Bon Voyage with doa and prayers to go along with him and his dad. Allah Maha Mengetahui and Maha Pengasih lagi Penyayang. Ramadhan is indeed a month of optimism, so lets be optimistic for his full recovery. Strange as it may sound, but miracle does happen…

To him, I know it will be a sad raya, but please hang in there for life goes on and hey, smile wont hurt kay?

Most importantly, I seek forgiveness.

So, selamat hari raya people. I love you guys and will surely miss you here and with that note, please take care of you for me. Till we definitely meet again.

One Reply to “Salam Aidil Fitri and Bon Voyage”

  1. Dear Beloved Sis,

    Me,Safi & Fifah ingin mengucapkn “SELAMAT HARI RAYA” mohon ampun maaf zahir batin to you & famili!

    Mudah-mudahan slamat pergi & kembali…drive safely & ingat org2 yg menyayangi mu, k…

    Do send my regards to the rest…Wah tahun nie, awek raye sakan ehh!!

    Last but nt least, hav a wonderful celebratn wif all yr Kelante famili!



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