Happy Birthday Fifah

Hey its time for celebration ! 🙂

To NurHafifah binti Safii


To little Fifah who turns One Year Old today, here is a poem Mak Lang had instantly while wishing you happy birthday. Be a good girl and May Allah blesses 🙂 and showered you with so much happiness and joy in life !


Seeing you coming to life

Is a miracle made in heaven

To mommy, daddy and grannies

And seeing you growing

Laughing and playing

Put so much Syukur and Love

That brought smiles at the same time

Almost instantly

To many faces

That love you

With no borders 🙂

Have a good birthday darling


4 Replies to “Happy Birthday Fifah”

  1. Dear Mak Lang,

    On behap of Fifah, tankq for yr lovely poem! So touching…but one MISTAKE spotted though: Shld be NUR HAFIFAH not Nurul!!

    Yesterday buat doa slamat cum bukak posa & kek cutting…its was fun & everyone enjoyed ourselves!

    She had ‘Barney’ cake & was sooo delighted(her favorite charactor)& she goes: “waaahhhh…..”

    Rasa ponat berbaloi seeing my lil gerl happy!

    Last but nt least..Thankq wif LUV everyone for yr doas & well-wishes!
    MUahz muahz Mmmuahz!!!
    (psst..will send the pics later)


  2. TQ for the wise comment
    I usually write while talking to myself
    And I am a very straightforward person
    I guess it shows huh 😉


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