Eid is Coming

Time seriously flies.

Ramadhan soon leaving and to welcome Eid in less then 10 days.

As much as sad it is for me and most of us that Ramadhan is leaving us, its always as sad also to welcome Eid everytime for me. Hmm. Well, Hari Raya is always sentimental when you dont have parents, I suppose. However, being a parent myself has overshadowed some tears though. Sigh.

Sarah is still fasting full with zero fuss. She is also counting days for Raya to collect her RM 30 from me as promised if she finishes puasa with flying colours and I think she is almost there.

She had maggi for sahur this morning and was very happy knowing that Raya is fast approaching.

As for me, Raya has always mean no sleep for at least 24 hours. Both me and bibik will definitely stationed in the kitchen cooking Hazim’s favourite rendang and daddy’s lontong. I thought I want to try something new this pagi raya besides my usual rendang and lontong. Perhaps I do laksa also this raya for my eldest girl who is coming home this Wednesday.

Supposedly to be heading for Kelantan this Raya. Kids are thrilled since we have missed two raya there. My only hope for this raya is that, everything will go as planned.


3 Replies to “Eid is Coming”

  1. not coming over to SINGAPORE for raya??? wen u leaving for kelantan?? gosh!! missed terribly celebrating eid wif ur kids… :))


  2. ye lah…nx raya celebrate kat singapore lah…i reckon the kids wud be thrilled & happy lagi collection in sg $$ hehehe anyway safe drive to kelantan & kirim salam buat kluarga kat sana eh…jgn lupa amik fotos banyak banyak kat then display kat sini ok kak lang (“,) luv u mwah mwah mwah btw do send my luv to miza cos i missed her the other day…


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