My Syaza This Morning


I stayed up from sahur and did not sleep and decided to have an early start to office today. I was always rushing to work and every minute in the morning really counts.

And, I got stranded at home today.

Syaza eventually got up crying and was telling me something that I just could not understand.  Syaza is bit pelat so I always had difficulty understanding, but am trying very hard to understand her everytime because if I said, I did not understand her, she would get even more pissed off,  I end up got her scoldings and sometimes she even showed her tantrums. (Tough task huh 🙂 

So anyway, Sarah came helping because I think she realized I seriously cannot catch what she was saying this time round. Sarah was getting ready for school then.

To make it even worse, she was crying outloud while talking !

So, both me and Sarah ended up guessing stars and moon of what she wanted to say and that annoyed her big !.

Me        : Syaza please stop crying and tell me what you want. I seriously  cannot understand a word you are saying.

Sarah : Stop nangis dulu and tell ibu what you want Syaza.

Syaza : (still crying) $$$%%%> kakak >PP%%^$

Me        : Aiyo girl, what you want?

(after 10 minutes)

Me        : Syaza please, I am so late for work, what do you want. Please stop crying and tell me (starting to feel angry myself).

Sarah : (worried for her sister) yes syaza. Ibu dah lambat. Stop nangis and tell her what you want. Ibu is asking.

Syaza : ***&&##))  kak (*JJU%%

(after another 5 minutes)

Me          : If you are not stopping in the next five minutes, I will get angry and I dont think you like it when I am angry and you dont like me scolding also. Better calm yourself down and tell me !.

Syaza was calming herself down and after like two minutes, with less cry finally she said this.

Syaza : please teman kita tidur kat bilik kakak….

😀 lor….

ha ha ha ha.  And I was laughing all the way to work this morning.

And guys, thank you for even reading. hehehe

12 Replies to “My Syaza This Morning”

  1. kak lang, she’s so adorable lah (“,) i guess if i was there dah gelak kuat rasanya hahaha but indeed she’s really like alang ah – the looks & her perangai, if u perhatikan betul betul….hmmm like daughter like father i supposed heheheh but wotever it is, alang is my cousin!! oh boy!! anyway i njoy my time wif u & the family lah wish i cud come & visit more often eh…


  2. hmmm tak achi ah kak lang…..u tak tanya dia ker, then how abt aunty chomel??! hmmm aper yem dah umpan budak budak tu….jeles say me…..*sob sob*


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