911 : Jejak Kasih

As urgent as it may look. 911

Me and few close good friends, Sherry, Rynn, Zana and Faiz to name a few are in a desperate search menjejak kasih one of our beloved friend. We know she is somewhere out there.

Her name is Noraini bt Abd Ghafoor.  Here is how she looks like years ago (She is in circle.)


This picture was taken during or little gathering in 2000. She was the second from right (no tudung then).

A brief intro of our Noraini.

She is female 🙂  Indeed fondly known to us as ‘Nani’ .  A very very warm and jovial person, not to mention caring, happy-go-lucky, always there helping, with anything, anytime – gosh we missed her and praying that she is indeed very much healthy, happy and in well, wherever she may be right now.

Not too tall of a gurl she is.  Oh and she laughed a lot and joked a lot. And she smiled a lot too. Black is sweet eh, thats our gurl.

Our last time with her was in 2000 or was it 1999? Hmmm (when the gambar was taken).  She was at that time married to our very own singer/entertainer Encik Abdul Razak Ahmad and was blessed with a son, Abdul Rahman and a daughter, Natasha.

There were less then 30 of us enrolled for Diploma in Secretarial Science batch July 1988 In Institute Teknologi MARA (then) and UiTM (now).

So you can imagine how close we were. We only got each other then 😦

Eventually, most of us are still in touch, one way or another.  It feels good to be in touch and having friends around us that loves us so dearly. Friends that turn family it is. This short sojourn or ours just not complete without friends, really. And personally, me and Sherry and few other are still trying very very hard for our little reunion to be materialised, soon. InsyaAllah praying hard for Raya Gathering.

So anyway, we tried our means and ways calling here and there but to no avail. This is not to say my final resort in our desperate search looking for her but if by any chance in the world anybody that at any time know her whereabout or know how we can get in touch with her, please please drop me a short e mail at haanii_ali@yahoo.com or haaniiali@gmail.com.

In the spirit of Ramadhan Karem with Eid Mubarak fast approaching, we hope to be able to gather with her soon. We all have come a long way and we love her and we miss her 😦

Thanking you people for helping. Allah blessess.

Note.  Anyone at all in that gambar, who happened to read this. Please keep in touch. Email me gurls…

Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.  ~Author Unknown

3 Replies to “911 : Jejak Kasih”

  1. wow…awek yg pakai spek tu gilos stylo..ahaks’ nice shoes anyway.betoi ka 2000?bukan ke awak dah insaf det year kak lang?da bertudung kan ard det year..anyway,moga silaturrahim yg dicari kan terjalin semula.ameen…


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