My Ordinary Weekend

I cant really remember already when was the weekend that was really a resting time for me like some other working women. Sigh.

My usual weekend means cooking, cleaning, visiting pasar and visiting mall to accomodate my kids. 

This weekend is not exception. With this minor renovating thing @ my house, my work has increased especially in the ‘mopping department’. Kesian I tengok bibik since its ramadhan and all, so I decided to do extra work myself with her.

I also realized this is the final weekend before raya for me to do the house cleaning because the final weekend of ramadhan (which is next week), I am expecting some Singaporean relatives to come over. 


Ok gotta go actually. I am just taking my five minute break after cleaning the fishes and veges. 😀 What to cook today eh? Buntu…. buntu….

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