Forgive & Forget

I was just thinking

About this one ‘least important’ thing

What does

Forgive & forget means actually

Very often heard and used

Do we forgive and forget

Or do we forget and forgive?

Please enlighten me with this

How to forgive and forget at the same time

Because If you all dont mind

I m changing this to

Forgive  yes, but let alone forget

Hmmm. Wadya u think?


Because I think, we may forgive as often and as many

But do we actually forget?

Personally to me, I forgive all the time because I am just a human

But forgive me for taking my time to forget

Even I do not have too many that I cant really forget

So anyway,  thought for the day eh?

I m going home, till then, have a wonderful weekend people 😀

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