Hey people 🙂

These past few weeks (eversince Ramadhan began to be exact), these two artistes @ home are really showing off some talent. Daddy has been advising, explaining and scolding like nobody business but hey, they are the natural ones, I must say 🙂

I am sure almost all normal parents with normal kids 😉 must have gone the same thing eh. Sigh. 

What they do?

Well, how about these two talented artistes of mine have eventually decided to paint, colour and shape some cracko designs all over the wall, stairs, grills, fridge and even our computer!


Just to share, a few snaps that I decided to take of the many designs and shapes currently nicely painted and drawn all over my wall and etc etc, and also, most importantly, please also meet the two artistes who did all these kay..  😛 Cheeky it is!

I suppose kids will be kids afterall. Sigh…

5 Replies to “SHOWING TALENT”

  1. Ya,Allah!almost 3weeks saya x g melepak ur hse,da penuh rupernye mural kat umah awak ek,kak lang.hehe…can see how cheeky he is from d pic.abis ler,makin angin kus kus pus ler d father… “sian delo” 🙂


  2. Argh thats the word darling
    that kak lang trying to capture
    ARTWORK! it is really 🙂
    And to dearest mak su,
    Yea please be sihat soon
    and pay us a visit..


  3. Ya AMpun!!! dah buat salah and then leh posing cheekily lagik!!! hmmmm……. heheheh this is wat they called- brani buat brani tanggung eh!!! ehhehehehe makin STRESSSSS lah Alang tu!!! tell him kids will be kids…. marah2 pun… makin banyak uban je…. heehhehehehe!!! we REALLY surprised si razin tu – dalam diam talented plak tu!!


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