My Talented Miza Syakirah

Hello people 🙂

My first born, Miza Syakirah who we fondly called ‘baby’ is one great artist in the making. (On my personal note, I would like to think that 🙂

Why? Well for starters, she loves bahasa or language tremendously. Just like me eh.  Oh and she reads a lot too (unlike me?? hmmm). Must be from her dad side then 😉

Thing is, for almost every occasions in the family, let it be anything at all, such as birthdays, anniversaries or new born of her new cousins, she has always like to make her own card. Even from she was very small.  She just loving it. My guess, she must have found it more personal and meaningful.

I managed to cut and paste the wordings from her most recent self-made card that she did for her newly born cousin, to which I find very ‘interesting’,deep, simple yet amazing from a 13 year old.

To her, may your sojourn in this life be meaningful and blessed. I know I did not say this often enough, but I love you more then life it is. The ‘first’ one is always the closest to heart eh.

And happy writing, Go Gurl ! Oh and must mention this also, she draws too. Nice nice thing some more 🙂

Here is a poem 4 U!


I have a family,

Full of cousins,

Brought joy to me,

Hey what do you know,

I have twin cousins too,

But from 17 turns to 18,

I met a new cousin…

Who brings a bundle of joy to me…

His name is


by, miza syakirah

Mind the name Yusuf Amar, because I am sure by the time she made the card, she was in school and not aware of the correct spelling 🙂

So, what u think? Is she something or what eh. And btw, this is her 🙂


4 Replies to “My Talented Miza Syakirah”

  1. shah & i argue how talented miza was…. i insisted she is gifted since small bt shah maintains she gots it from the mummy”???!!! LOL!! well darls… u r just knowing every part of the AHDAN’s CLAN……. hehhehehehe…. MIZA indeed growing into FINE lady!! kudos to u N HUBBY!!


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