My Friday Today

I was kinda late this morning to work.

While waiting like forever for the office lift, I saw this one lady walking in slowly with a very very nice jubah. Got shine shine some more. I was like looking and admiring.

She looked calm and joined me to wait for the lift. Lift came. Opened. I walked in. And this lady with this nice jubah still standing there waiting. I was like… what..

Then some guy came close to her and walked her in into the lift.

Subhanallah, buta rupanya… 😦

For a moment in time tadi I feel like crying. Feeling bad at the same time for not even helping. Sigh. If only I  know how dark her world is…

Thing is, since today is Friday and all and I just need to share this.

How lucky I am.

So by the way, this lady with the nice jubah eventually want to come out in level 14 which is like four storeys below me. Come 14th floor, I quickly grabbed her hand and walked her out.

And I walked up the stairs to 18th Floor.

All the way up walking, I was thinking and still feeling lucky. Alhamdulillah…

One Reply to “My Friday Today”

  1. nice experience
    im happy enough with what you did to help the makcik
    if we think we got problem
    look at other people first eh
    then onli we might find ourself in a very syukurable way


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