The Best Cousins In The World

Brief intro of these two below.

The older one is my girl, Sarah. She is six this year. The younger one is my niece, Damia. And she is one this year. That makes Sarah and Damia cousins. But these two –  the best cousin the world !

Why?  Well coincidence it may be, but for a start both Sarah and Damia were born three days apart. So this year, both of them eventually celebrates birthday together. They had huge fun, laughter and food on that day!

Damia’s mommy eventually call Sarah, Damia’s goddes (dewa). Ha ha ha.

But personally, my girl Sarah just simply loves Damia sincerely and unconditionally. Not to mention she worries about Damia endlessly that she would eventually be feeding Damia with biscuits or some of other food all the time, just in case Damia got hungry and all…

Both of them would be spending loads of time together – playing, watching DVD, dancing, singing and jumping together as much as they can.  Damia just simply loves Sarah very much too, that anyone can just see that, its too obvious eh 🙂   Out of so many cousins that she has, Sarah was the first name she recognises and call her Arah (for Sarah of course). 

Oh and during those time when they were not together, they would be talking on the phone pulak !!, all the time 😀

Lets share some photos of them together.

To both of them, just be happy okay 🙂

penang_sarahdamia.jpg  penang_sarahdamia1.jpg  penang_sarahdamia2.jpg

sarah_bdaydamia.jpg  eusoff_sarahdamia.jpg    penang_sarahdamia3.jpg

pict3165.jpg    sarah_6bday2.jpg 

4 Replies to “The Best Cousins In The World”

  1. Oh my God! They look soo much alike..Terasa rindu lak! Its been quite a while since our visit..send my hugs & kisses to all my nieces & nephews…muuuaaahhhh!


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