Safety @ Your Very Own Front Yard

This is actually some belated news that I suddenly feel like sharing.


One word, and how safe are we?

Well, obviously no where is safe eh nowadays. Just no where at all really. Coz looked what happened to my Naza that was parked right in front of our very won front yard (actually masa accident nih took place, my naza was on loan to my bro and parked right in front of his house).

Some racko ?*^%#@ eventually decided to reverse his car and bang ours. And only to be discovered few hours later.

Have a look at the gambar for sharing sake.

Alhamdulillah tho, the car has been repaired for free. Thanks to the kind thought of this chinese boss (who the worker banged our car) for he came back looking for the owner (thats me?).

So anyway, like I said. No where is really safe, come to think about it….

naza1.jpg   naza2.jpg  naza3.jpg

naza41.jpg   naza51.jpg  naza1.jpg


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