Please Meet Eusoff Ammar bin Nasrul Rizal


Hello people.

Hope you guys can still vividly recalled my older post on this anak sedara of mine that I fondly called Eusoff (t.b.a) Budget . Hehe.

He was born on Friday, 7th September 2007 which happened to be our 2007 budget day and he weighed 4.2 kg. (now thats huge?)

Anyway, his name is now officially being revised to Eusoff Ammar bin Nasrul Rizal.Β  Please be introduced people to this cute boy with lesung pipit on his right cheek πŸ™‚

Oh btw, the dad says Ammar means ‘Yang Memakmurkan’.. amen.

As promised, enjoy the pics πŸ™‚

Note : to my singaporean relatives, these are the much awaited photos eh. And also, must mention, ehem ehem… I am the mak bidan ok.

Hmm, GodΒ I missed having babies…. πŸ™‚

eusoff_firstday.jpgΒ  eusoff2.jpgΒ  eusoff4.jpg



17 Replies to “Please Meet Eusoff Ammar bin Nasrul Rizal”

  1. Whoa imut-imut betul lah si Eusoff tu…aper Awa makan eh, nak kata banyak tak lah anyway he’s so adorable…i certainly inform Yem abt dis hehehe…

    Kak Lang, kalau ader news baru update sini tau so senang sikit kita maklum lah kita berdua nie slalu dpt last info…kita kan shiok sendiri tapi HAPPY always hehehe

    C u on the 6th then yeah…mwah mwah mwah


  2. hehe salam 2 everyone,i’m the proud mom of eusoff ammar.well,it’s my first experience 4 normal delivery….the pushing part alhamdulillah bearable but not the last part of contraction.God is Great…masa nie lah terasa,insafnye,byknye dosaku!
    to my dearest n coolest hubby…i owe u nothing da ek,hehe u got d experience already kan :).
    2 my loving ‘mak bidan’ tq so much 4 all ur support n help!our world will be more chaos without u.
    zillion thanx gak to others yg mendoakan kesejahteraan kami anak beranak.

    “semoga kehadiran eusoff ammar dpt ‘memakmurkan’ segalanya….” ameen.


  3. well.. congrats to awa & hubby!! a pair finally!! hehehehe… btw this eusoff looks mcm abang ngah eh???? so BulaTTTTT…. wakakakakka…. congrats to ur mak bidan tu – heheheh bakat terpendam ke?? afterall dah 5kali beranak …. mesti leh jadi mak bidan eh??.. dis make us cant wait to have our own little ones!!! hahahhaha… hopefully hope to see u all guys in SIngapore for our wedding next Feb yeah!! take care….. muacks from us….


  4. Subahanallah..embamnya!!! Congrats to Awa & Nazrul..4.2kg eh!!!!… i tot i had my lil gerl – 3.848kg(to be exact) was already big!
    And for the mak bidan – i heard soo much of yr work! Good job dear! camnie leh la i use yr service kat s’pore kot2 i bersalin lagi ke….hehehe


  5. hehe…kak lang,i can be ur assistant ma!along Tina,yok ramai2 kite meramaikan khalifah di bumi ini.hehe…his weight is unsangkarable,last scan was jes 2.7kg.


  6. Hahaha…Yok!! ingat senang ke??!!!

    Awa – now u dah rasa normal birth…sedap kan?? Its true like wat u say – masa contraction, rasa keinsafan membuak-buak..But honestly, cam terasa nak pregnant agi…such a wonderful experience!


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