My First Day @ Ramadhan 2007

Morning people.

Friday again. Told you time flies.

Just an interesting note to share my first day of Ramadhan yesterday. Sarah who is six years old finished her first day fasting yesterday with flying colours 🙂 . Actually, she started last  year at five years old and managed to do seven days, so this time round both me and her are attempting to do it for the entire month. InsyaAllah.

Thing that I want to share really, is how amazingly she was yesterday.  She still went to school and was looking after little Damia for us (Damia is on and off with us since mommy got new baby boy – eusoff budget?)

Least that she remembered to call me in the office also and asking what time it was. On top of the whole thing, by the time, I was back from office, she was asking me if she can go to taman. I was like, eh budak nih, tak penat ke…

But anyway, bukak puasa was fun yesterday. Since, for the past few weeks, we also having the datuk staying with us. The more the merrier eh.

But the most fun part was that, having Syaza equally busy to break fast and that really pissed off Sarah because I am very sure Syaza was eating and drinking all the day long yesterday and end up having the same Ayamas Chicken that Sarah ordered from her dad for buka puasa.

Sabar Sarah…. 🙂

 oh btw, this is them.

100_0271.jpg   100_0273.jpg  syaza_bdaypiza3.jpg

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