Now this is hard.

Even to begin is hard.  Where do I exactly begin. Sigh. Oh yeah, perhaps  I can begin with, … this is my personal journal.

But anyway men. Much talked. Much anticipated. Much kutuk’ed’. Much cried. And so on.  In history of living, everybody talks about men. Just everybody. Its like never ending thing to it.  When we girls gather, we talked about them eh. One way or another, someone will just start it. Believe me (sorry guys ?).

Thing is, they are simply just another creature that God creates but why is it so difficult to do this. I mean to just stop talking about them. Its like, when we talk about men, it just wont end. It just wont.

Personally to me, I think Men is one ‘spesies’ that I personally wont ever be able to understand. Their actions and decisions somehow is  like a mystery to this life. Mystery to me. Sigh. Why eh.

We talked and talked about them. But for what? We want some answers ke. Do we want to achieve something? Do we want to get satisfied with something?

We love them. Its like impossible to live without men. I know many many out there do live without them somehow, or even living with them but not like living with one tho but are they really fine? Our ego might help to make it look fine, thats for sure. Its like, you are bleeding badly inside, but since people are watching and waiting to see if you are really suffering, we might end up, saying something like, oh we are fine, life goes on, dah takdir. Terima jer lah. Thats us when dealing with men issues.  We tend to brush them off. Our very own pain and agony that we put aside for the sake of men. Sigh (again). 

Well, I know I could never put a full stop to this post as well since I choose to put ‘men’ as the title, but i dont know these past few days, lot of incidents happened in my life and around me that involves men. I cant really help but to write about it.

I was driving home late last night from some last kopek outing with my girlfriends and keep on thinking about this thing. My firlfriend in the office, was on her road to be dumped by her boyfriend (I was kinda hoping its the other way round tho), crying with me yesterday that I felt her misery. Then, my other girlfrend in my old office, being like forever bercinta with husband orang, finally being dumped also. God. I already see this one coming. Warned her about it, but obviously people do get blind bila bercinta. Its true you know, we do.

My own personal issue with men began with my dad actually. Long time ago. Till today, I dont really want to understand why both my parents were divorced. Then, come my bro. My ex boss, my good friend’s husband, my outstation friends husband, my niece boy friends and bla bla bla. Oh God, I do go a loooooooooongggggg way with this huh.

You know what. I wish I can read mind. I think I can read people, but I especially want to read men’s mind. It would be an honour God if I can. I want to do this really.

Why I want to read them, because I am so like sakit hati of not knowing yet talk and talk about this one thing issue titled, men.

Ok, go ahead and marah me or even hate me for doing this, but  before I actually lagi get myself confused :

To men out there, guys are we as difficult to be understood huh? Or you guys are just playing hide and seek with us. Or is it, at the end of the very day, we both men and women are afterall the same?


Men… cant live with them, cant live without them neither. …

2 Replies to “Men”

  1. we are the hunter
    and you are the housekeeper

    our brain works in a different way
    and yours too i guess

    thats why we keep on misunderstand each other
    and sometime we do look at things
    in a different angle

    god create your species to teman us
    with just a fragment of our rib bone
    and god create man first because we are put to be the leader

    if in anyway i hurt your species unintentionally
    i do apologize sincerely
    doesnt mean that if i hurt you
    i dont love you

    about reading mind…
    hey dont start the scarry part eh

    take care yourself in this holy month
    dont puasa like budak kecik eh 🙂


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