Eusoff ‘Budget’ (t.b.a) arrives today

God this is funny, he he.

 And who is Eusoff ‘Budget’ anyway?

A brief intro then. My younger sister, Awa delivered her second baby today. And its a boy. To be exact he was born at about 2.43 pm, Friday, 7.9.07 (cool) and weighed 4.2 kg !

Happy moment indeed for all of us in the family. Thing is, today is the budget day rite. And the newly born who will supposedly be named Eusoff (t.b.a) is born today on the budget day, so lets call him Eusoff Budget lah !!

I will post his photos as soon as I get the chance to snap one.

To awa and hubby and little Kak Long Damia, Syukur Alhamdulillah and congratulation.

This is the moment guys. So, enjoy 🙂

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