K.I.V and R.S.V.P


Hey people.

We secretaries we thought we are ‘the smart people’  huh.

Ok, let me ask you this, too common for us but lets be honest with this.

Ok tell me, when we see KIV or RSVP, what is the first thing that come to mind? What does these two acronyms stands for :). Totally HONEST please. Do you know? Errr, i dont? 🙂 hmmm

Well, somehow I have lah some rough idea what are the meanings la..  but is that the actual meaning ??

To find out (just for fun of it), please click the next page 😉

I wonder what was the answer that you had in mind. He he. So anyway, here goes :

K.I.V means Keep In View (huh?)

R.S.V.P means Répondez S’il Vous Plaît (still dont get it huh), it means in our normal language, asking for a person to response to an invitation.

To my close friends especially who might reading this, now tell me, are we not smarter today  🙂

12 Replies to “K.I.V and R.S.V.P”

  1. hehe.. luckily i know what is KIV stands for but as for RSVP i just know the meaning but never now what is it stands for.. vous2 plait2.. ngo mm chi aaaa hehhe


  2. I just noticed this post of yours. Interesting. KIV, never heard of it before :p

    As for RSVP, in case you are wondering, the direct translation would be, “please respond”. Well, I assume you know that 😉


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