UPSR – Its just an exam

Hello there 🙂

Heard UPSR is here again 🙂

I remembered my time.  Tidur tak lena mandi tak basah.  I was sure I was more nervous then my girl then. I remembered trying to remain calm for her but fact was, I was never calm.

Not to mention, results time. My god. I never knew I can be that nervous.  I thought it was just another exam.  I keep on telling myself, she is only twelve years old. How wrong can things go anyway. It should not mean anything. I need to give my girl and my self a break ! But, honestly speaking, I could never do it.

So, to my dear friend Sheri and Sis Sharifah, and of course to the lovely boys, Haziq and Saif Ali, all my prayers for you guys eh 🙂

Believe me, its easier said then done. So, whatever it is, we all need to believe in one thing, rezeki is definitely from the Al Mighty Allah.

Lets look forward for the best 🙂

5 Replies to “UPSR – Its just an exam”

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